In March 2018 Integral Media and Huffington Post mutually agreed to end their partnership having served the audience and region for 3 years. Integral Media launched a new platform, ‘Arabic Post’ in 2018, to build on what had successfully been achieved with HuffPostArabi with the aim to serve a wider range of audience.

HuffPost Arabi, the Arabic language edition of Huffington Post, was launched on 27 July 2015, clinching a successful partnership between Integral Media, headed by Waddah Khanfar, and the international media group Huffington Post, co-founded by Arianna Huffington.

A Pulitzer Prize winner and a venue for more than100,000 bloggers, made up of politicians, students, luminaries, celebrities, academics, parents and experts alike, each writing in their area of expertise. Huffington Post has become a prominent source of breaking
news, special editorials, stories in art & entertainment, as well as being a hub for rich debate and a platform to exchange ideas.

With its inception, HuffPost Arabi joins the Huffington Post franchise as the 14th member among its 15 international editions.

Huffington Post has local editions in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Maghreb, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Greece, India, and Australia.

The Arabic edition, headed by editor-in-chief Anas Fouda, combines HuffPost’s successful news model with local know-how, skill and expertise. HuffPost Arabi boasts a vast array of journalists and boasts more than 80 correspondents around the world.

Characterized by its significant news style and flair in addressing the Arabic-speaking youth, HuffPost Arabi has masterfully carved a niche for itself on social networks.

It hosts a unique spectrum of written and interactive media that spans field reports penned by freelance journalists, a free platform open for expression of thought, as well as a wide and exhaustive coverage of topics and issues that cater for the youth in areas
of culture, entertainment, society and technology.

Additionally, HuffPost Arabi encourages viewers’ authorship by offering bloggers a space for an interactive exchange of ideas. Thus, HuffPost Arabi makes a point of shedding light on their positive experiences and highlighting their can-do spirit.

Finally, HuffPost Arabi is devoted to unbiased and objective news reporting. Its aim is solution-oriented reporting rather than focusing on the problems the region is facing, and it does all this with a touch of humor whenever possible.